See below for my limited couple training offer

 My style of training is firm when required, supportive and interactive. I have a variety of equipment, including TRX, boxing and muay thai pads and gloves, Kettlebell weights and lots more. Every program is designed to provide you with the tools, direction and insight to guide you towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle

Training Programs

One to One
Working on a one to one basis will allow me to pre develop a program and personally tailor each and every session to effectively achieve your specific goals. Whatever your fitness and health ambition is, I can develop an individual program to make this goal a reality.  
    10 sessions: £250
   15 sessions: £310 
     20 sessions: £400    

Couple training 
I very much enjoy training couples as it can be very interactive and a lot of fun.

10 sessions: £250
Pay as you go
This is a new option I have recently added, which offers my clients the option of simply paying for each session as they train, with n o obligation or commitment.
Note: This option does not include pre program development.

      £35 per session

Each session typically lasts for 60 minutes and can take place at a location of your choice. 
3 hours of individual program development and structure work is included with every package 


Matt, Barcelona

"Chay is just what I needed. Tough but understanding and supportive"

Ross, Music executive, London

""Having worked with Chay for a long time now, I can't put into words how my entire outlook on life has changed. It's worth the commitment 100 times over!"

Jenny, Music lawyer, London

"Chay has really helped me find my shape and fitness again! Can't thank you enough."

Emily, Nanny, London

"After 10 intense weeks of fitness sessions, I feel lighter, brighter, slimmer and more confident. During the sessions I didn't only go beyond my comfort zone but I developed an understanding of exercise and nutrition, allowing me to make informed healthier lifestyle decisions. I always had a laugh with Chay during my sessions as would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for that extra encouragement to reach their full potential"

Amin, Entrepreneur, London 

I've been made to work really hard, but the results speak for themselves. I now even enjoy it :-).  

Prince Nawaf Bin Faisel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"Thank you for your commitment Chay and for all your help"

Simon, Musician, Basement Jaxx

"I've known Chay for many years now. He's a top trainer who will always get results". 

Simon, musician, Rio Brazil

"I was introduced to Chay through another of his England based clients. Over the past 6 months he has turned my life around. Thank you so much"      

Laura, Manager, London

"I still can't believe I reached my target weight loss in only 4 months! I was given an enjoyable program, which I'm so grateful for. Every session was different and fun."

Brian, Sales director, Mulinex Ford, Canton, OH

"Bringing in Chay to help our sales force with their motivation and general fitness levels was one of the best decisions I have ever made. A pure professional. Thanks buddy".

Rob, Mutiny UK

"Nothing worth doing is ever easy and my program was no exception. I wouldn't change it though. Fantastic results and all the hard work pays off."

Matt, MD, Kidz4sport academies, London

"Very professional!"

 Alice, dancer & performer, London

"Chay always seems to get the best out of me. I'm loving our sessions". 

 No drill sergeants here!

Areas I cover

* Advance payment on all packages is required due to pre program development and structure. Refunds are offered only in exceptional circumstances. Please allow a period of 31 days